HiSSTECH Co., Ltd. is a company that invests in conducting researches for maximum effect created with minimum cost with services customized
to the characteristics, size, and conditions of manufacturing process of different companies, namely, with programs suited to their water treatment facilities.


HiSSTECH Products are high-class precision chemical products for all industries that use water.


HiSSTECH develops products suited to the quality of water and other conditions in Korea, as it not only possesses
the recipe for production supplied from the largest water treatment company in the US but also conducts a lot of research projects

experts with a lot of experience with the world's largest company and the Korean industry
in water treatment are working in technical services, production, and R&D.

The company not only manufactures products and possesses a technical service program,
but has also developed products and problem solving skills designed to protect water treatment facilities
through performing a number of research and development projects.

The company will provide reliable services in order to prevent troubles with customer's facilities,
increase their operational efficiency, and ensure economical water treatment.

The company's research institute owns various equipment, a pilot plant, and excellent research professionals
for evaluating water treatment facilities and is developing new programs and application technology through
testing chemical composition of agents, analyzing water quality and deposits, and testing corrosion rate and scale buildup speed.